EB-5 Investments

The second part of the EB-5 Visa Program involves the actual EB-5 Invetsments.  As part of the program, foreign investments are required to invest money or capital into local business ventures that create jobs and economic growth. 

We provide a competitive advantage for our clients by helping them identify, evaluate and invest in the eligible EB-5 projects that are right for them.  Our local expertise and global perspective will help you find sustainable and profitable businesses to invest your money.

EB-5 Investments and Projects

The program itself is designed to create sustainable jobs and contribute to the national GDP by producing goods for export.  For this reason, the US Immigration and Citizenship office looks favorably upon projects that are focused on manufacturing operations that create tangible goods.  Successful business plans are also designed for long-term success and not just a short-term horizon.

Another item to note is that many projects will require multiple investors due to the capital demands. In this case, the project and initial investors must wait until additional investors contribute funds to the project and fulfill the partner requirements of that specific project.

Conversely, the EB5 program will not as strongly support projects that do not create as many jobs or that do not create goods for export.   These projects might include real estate projects limited to simply “flipping” homes as they do not full time jobs eligible under the program.  EB-5 investments can include homes and real estate so long as the real estate is either the company office or part of the business investment.

The key element in the EB-5 Business Plan and Project is job creation. In line with the rules of the program, a project must create ten full time jobs in two years. The job positions, hourly wages and hours worked must comply with the federal standards for a full-time employee. The approximate income requirement is $20,000. Also note that full-time employes does not include construction works unless the development schedule exceeds 36 months and the value exceeds $100 Million US Dollars.

Sample EB-5 Investment Projects
Some good sample EB-5 Visa Invements and Projects include:

  • Manufacturing (equipment, tools, electronics, textiles, apparel)
  • Beverages (wine, soda, alcohol)
  • Consumables (food, beverages, furniture, clothing)
  • Supplies (building supplies, electronics, raw materials)
  • Leisure and Activities (Golf courses, bowling alleys)