EB-5 Visas

Our EB-5 Visa Program Services provide clients with a comprehensive solution for obtaining EB-5 Visas and Investmenting in the right projects. We also help clients find new homes in the US and other real estate invesments.

EB-5 Visas Services

EB-5 Visa Projects.com is dedicated to helping foreign investors obtain permanent entry and residency in the United States by obtaining EB-5 Visas.  The EB-5 Visas Program allows foriegn investors to investment in eligible EB-5 Visas Projects that will create full time jobs and economic opportunity in a local US market. 

The process is not as easy as simply obtainig EB-5 Visas.  The successful completion of this program involves the immigration process as well as the investment project.  You cannot have one without the other.  We specialize in helping foreigners with both parts of the EB-5 Visas Program, giving you a comprehensive solution.

The third service we provide with EB-5 Visas is in Real Estate.  We help foreign investors find new homes in the US as well as find investment opportunities in real estate.

EB5 Immigration Services

We can help you navigate the process and procedures for obtaining permanent residency in the United States through the EB5 program.

We provide foreign investors with services to complete the EB5 process for participation through a “regular” program and through a regional center.

  • Regular Program
  • Regional Center Program

EB-5 Investments and Projects
We will help you identify and evaluate potential investment opportunities and your required participation.

Careful attention and steadfast advocacy must be dedicated to review the viability of investment potentials but also to make legal arrangements to protect your investment.

Real Estate
We help foreign investors find real estate in the US to act as a primary residence or as investment opportunities. Our local team can help you find the perfect home for you and your family once you obtain the EB-5 Visas. We also specialize in residential and commercial real estate investments that give you an opportunity to earn a return on investment in the US real estate market.