EB-5 Investments

We specialize in EB-5 Investment s Services and Management.

Perhaps the most important element of the EB-5 Visa Program is the EB-5 investment project.  Foreign investors must evaluate and find EB-5 investment projects that fulfill the requirements of the program.  This is one of the most challenging elements for a foreign investor given the unfamiliarity with local industries and markets.   It is also challenging for foreign investors to find eligible EB-5 investments that are managed by experienced and skilled business leaders, ethically operated, and provide an opportunity for sustainable profitability.

Our highly specialized team of business owners and professionals will give you a competitive advantage in evaluating and participating in eligible EB-5 Investment Projects.   These business owners bring local and national US market experience as well as global and Asian market experience that provides local expertise with a global perspective.  This is how we differentiate ourselves from other EB-5 Immigration attorneys or regional centers.

Find, Evaluate and Invest
Finding, evaluating and investing in a promising EB-5 investment  is particularly challenging for foreign investors.
We help investors quickly find and evaluate eligible EB-5 investments across a variety of industries and regions in the United States.  

We will take the time to understand your talents, vision and goals and match you with an EB-5 investment project that will fulfil those needs.  Our team includes successful business owners in Asia and The United States that will deliver profitable business opportunities that provide sustainability and a return on investment.