EB5 Regional Centers

This page provides more information about regional centers and how an investor can use one to find and invest in eligible EB5 Visa Projects.  Please understand that all regional centers are different and it is very important to understand their projects, business practices, and integrity when evaluating them as a viable investment solution.

EB-5 Regional Centers are independent business entities that evaluate and propose investment projects to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.  From there, the USCIS will either approve or disappove these investment projects and the Regional Center will offer them to new investors.

What is the role of a Regional Center?

The EB5 Visa Regional Centers identify investment opportunities that will promote economic growth in the region and fulfil the requirements in the EB5 Visa Program.  Many times, the projects are located or focused in areas of high unemployment or in areas that can benefit from direct investment.  The regional centers are not owned or operated by the government, nor are they funded by the government.   The states do not have jurisdiction over the number of regional processing centers and each state can have multiple centers.  The only requirement on a federal level is that the Regional Center must be approved and registered with the USCIS.

Benefits of Regional Center Projects
Foreign investors are not required to make investment into a project through a regional center.  However, there are some benefits to doing so versus the regular program.

Passive Participation – One benefit of a regional center is it allows for passive investment. Investors are not required to hold positions in the business nor are they required to live near the venture.  This is great for investors who have businesses overseas or are retired.

Investment Minimums – Regional Centers are usually approved in areas of economic hardship and therefore only require a $500,000 investment.  This is possible through the regular program, however, it may be harder to prove that your project qualifies for the reduced investment.

Acceptance – It is understood that the USCIS reserves a certain number of EB5 Green Cards for investors participating with a regional center. 

Job Treatment – Regional Centers frequently have approved calculations that allow them to achieve favorable full time job multiples for the calculation.  They can count direct, indirect, and induced jobs in the calculation.  This makes it easier to get to the 10 jobs required in two years of the green card being issued to an investor.