EB-5 Visa Projects is dedicated to helping foreign investors obtain entry into the United States via the EB-5 Visa Program.  This program allows foreign nationals to provide capital investment to local projects in the US. In return, the foreign national obtains special immigration status and entry into the US.

Our team is comprised of highly specialized professionals and business owners that provide over 70 years of experience.  Unlike other EB-5 immigration attorneys or services, our offering is comprehensive.  Our team includes

  • American business owners with interets in China, Hong Kong, and the US
  • Chinese business owners living and operating in China
  • Real Estate Professionals with local US experience
  • US Immigration and Corporate Attorneys
  • Financial Consultants

We are passionate about helping foreign nationals with the EB-5 Visa Program and the opportunity it provides.  We are passionate about business and finding investment opportunities that improve local US economies and lead to economic progress on a local and national level.