Investments Opportunities

The current real estate market in the United States provides any investor with the opportunity to earn a substantial return on their investment through real estate.  The current reality is that home supplies are high and more foreclosures are expected. 

This creates a unique opportunity to invest in a property and be immediately cash flow positive on a sale or rental. Our team includes established real estate investment professionals with over 40 years of experience and a system proven to create a positive return on investment.

Buy and Rent – Residential

There are great opportunities right now for purchasing a property and making it available as a rental.  Given low valuations, investors can obtain a property and be cash flow positive from the start.  This is because the cost of purchase and renovation will still not exceed the rental rate.  There are methods involved in this process and we have the team to help you.

Buy and Flip – Residential

This strategy can be very effective for creating a return in a short time period.  In this model, an investor purchases a home at distressed values and sells this property at market price.  The key to this strategy is finding the right property, knowing how to get it at distressed levels, preparing the property for sale, and finding a buyer. Again, we have all the pieces covered and we are experts in this very process.

Commercial Properties

There are a number of opportunities in the commercial real estate segment.  Distressed properties and low occupancy has created appealing long-term investment opportunities with commercial real estate.  Investors can look to obtain land or buildings with the potential to lease space to businesses and other tenants.  This practice requires a great deal of experience and expertise in identifying good properties and find the right price.


The distress real estate market also presents investors with an opportunity to purchase large amounts of land below market price.   Investors with significant capital can look to land acquisitions for great investment opportunities.